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Beyond Music

ABOUT New Rain

Jalen Perkins "New Rain" is a hip hop artist born and raised in Ft Worth Texas. He was raised by a single mother along with his two sisters and three brothers. Jalen remembers being a "thinker" since he was a kid often contemplating life's biggest questions of why am i here? What's my purpose?   and the reality of death,  which would bother him many nights not being able to make sense of it all.His mother kept him involved in the church where he would learn to read the bible and and also where his love of music was born, he sang in the choir, played the drums and was a member of the dance team.


In his adolescent years he would lose friends to gang violence and drugs which encouraged him even more to pursue God instead of the world. Jalen began writing poetry at 17 out of boredom but after seeing how easy words and topics came to him he fell in love with the art form and started writing poems about everything a new passion was born.


A year later poetry graduated to songwriting and the rest is history. Jalen took on the name New Rain out of his desire to bring life and healing and restoration to an art form in Hip Hop that many have called dead and lifeless his purpose in music is captured in his slogan " If words can hurt, words can heal" his music is saturated in words of encouragement, hope, faith and his love for Jesus and his mission is to simply impact as many souls as possible.

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