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Who is New Rain?

Jalen Perkins also known as " New Rain" is a Father, husband, Author, Hip hop artist and speaker out of Fort Worth Texas. Growing up rooted in the church helped build a foundation for his character as well as introduce him to faith in Christ and his passionate love for songwriting and music! growing up without his father in the home contributed to brokenness early in his life which manifested itself in many ways, mainly in looking for validation from his peers. That all changed on November 4th, 2013, when he met God through the scriptures! He found that the love, acceptance and mercy he had been searching for was found not in people but ultimately in Christ alone. From that day forward he has made it his mission to help others see the beauty and value of seeking God above all else that the world has to offer. He encourages others through song, books, and preaching and teaching the word with is slogan being, " If words can hurt, words can heal" He is the founder of the hip hop collective " Heal music" and takes pride in going against the grain of hip hop by making music that encourages and brings life, New rain lives in Fort Worth Texas with his wife and four children.

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