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A wise man once said that the human mind is the control center of the body, and I tend to agree with that statement. If you take a brief look at your life, you'll see that wherever you happen to be currently is the result of many different choices you made over time. Choices, are first thought bubbles in your mind, the order is simply this our thoughts come first which matures into us making decisions or choices with the end result of our choices leading us to a prosperous, desired destination or unfortunately to an undesired horrific place but in either case it all starts in the mind.

So you ask, what does that have to do with the music I choose to listen to? the answer to that is easy, what major labels, and people high up in the industry know is the fact that music is probably the most powerful medium in the world when it comes to shaping and influencing the culture and society. Just think about it, music starts trends, music can stop trends, artist down through the years have inspired political dialogue, groups like NWA voiced their disdain for the police lol Michael Jackson inspired unity and love with songs like "we are the world" and others. lets face it depending on the artist or i should say depending on how much influence an artist holds, he or she through the medium of music can change things drastically for the good or bad.

Going back to my point of our minds being the control center. Its important to remember this crucial fact as we go through life because the result would be you and me being more careful about what we allowed into our minds and spirits. The bible says in Philippians 4:8 " whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praiseworthy THINK on these things" in other words we should strive to meditate only on things that are pure and clean …..why? because whatever we allow in our temples( mind, spirit, soul) correlates to the choices we make in life and also contribute to our peace, or lack thereof and ultimately our destiny. you are what you think! if a person spends all day viewing pornography and violence, should he expect to live a pure and God pleasing life? probably not. My encouragement for you today is to take an inventory of the messages you're allowing to enter your mind through music, but don't just stop there, what are you reading that might be contributing to you falling further away from God? what are you watching on T.V or social media? this is an everyday struggle, putting everything we consume through a filter to see if its good or bad for us spiritually, but in the end it'll be worth it and if you desire to grow in your relationship with God its a needed discipline.......God bless you on your journey I'm on the same journey i might add! so you ill pray for you as you pray for me!!

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Jalen Perkins also known as "New Rain" is one of the bright spots in the DFW music scene. The state of Texas via the city of Houston brought to the forefront the likes of UGK, The Geto boys, screwed up click and many more but the Dallas Ft worth area hasn't had much of a reputation for producing top notch hip hop talent.........until now. New Rain is springing up out of the west side of Ft worth with a very unique sound and message contrary to what his region is used to. In Recent years the Ft Worth music scene was on fire with artist like Go yayo, Lil Cj casino and others giving us hardcore trap music, but Rain offers hope and encouragement to the game with songs like '' All i need" Silver and Gold" and " No condemnation. He often talks about his faith in his music and he usually tries to point his listeners to Jesus in hopes that they find true meaning and fulfillment which is something he says that temporary pleasure like money, fame and sex cant give. He seeks to shine a new light on Ft worth, showing the metroplex has positivity to offer as well as flat out bars and lyrical content. His slogan sums up his whole approach to music " If words can hurt, words can heal" i would highly recommend giving his music a listen through, you wont be disappointed.

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Contrary to mainstream belief i would say, Jesus was actually a pretty tough guy to say the least. I believe when most people imagine Jesus they picture him as the gentle smooth skinned life coach with a baby lamb on his shoulders perhaps. I find it interesting that this perception of him could last these many years in spite of how available the word of God is today. In our society these days i believe that all kinds of preaching and teaching is accepted by the masses.......but i seriously doubt if Jesus were here in the flesh in 2021 preaching his famous messages of self denial and self control he would be accepted and praised as he is by so many today. As i read the gospels i cant help but to cringe a bit as i read the words of Jesus at times. In Matthew 5:30 when Christ says" And if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell." or in Luke 9:23 where he says "Then he said to them all: "Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me" these verses and several others force me to take heed to the words of the Jesus of the bible and not from Pop culture because there is obviously a big difference between the two. Our Lord was full of mercy and grace and he was the very definition of love! but he also was the definition of truth and justice and he was literally the word made flesh as John chapter one says so beautifully. loyalty and devotion to the father first and foremost compelled the son to keep it a buck with his followers and all who heard him. Love not hate despite what our culture believes pushed Christ to warn us of the dangers of forsaking God for the sake of the world and its fleeting pleasures. Today i beg you to self examine, and look within yourself.....ask this question, is what i believe about the Lord Jesus based out of the facts found in his word, or what society around me has given me?

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