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Do you still use a Pacifier as an Adult?

Something struck me last week as i was breaking my diet plan at the mall stuffing my face with some freshly made Cinnamon sugar pretzel bites from Aunty Annies. Even as a thirty-year-old, father of four and husband of one lol I realized after all these years I still loved my Pacifier from when I was a baby. Just hear me out before you throw the wierdo tag on me...... I was having a pretty stress filled day last week that started as soon as I woke up to take my kids to summer camp in the morning. I woke up late so i had no time to make their lunches or give them breakfast for that matter so I'm automatically rushing to get them dressed and the whole 9. After I finally get them to their destination, I have a flat on my vehicle on the highway and ended up being late to work because of it, on a day that I was supposed to be training someone. I could bore you with the rest of the mundane mishaps that took place, but I'll spare you this time, just know that my day ended up sucking so bad that on the way home although I knew my diet placed a clear restriction on eating a sugary high calorie snack, I found myself enjoying it anyway.......and I enjoyed every bite!

It wasn't long after I finished however that I begin to get upset at myself for cheating on my diet and not only that, my stomach let me know it disapproved of my decision as well. What does this have to do with me as grown man loving my pacifier? Easy, think about it, a baby who's upset over something is usually able to be soothed with this small little object called a pacifier. I've seen it firsthand with every one of my children, they could be screaming bloody murder at the top of their little lungs but for some weird reason when i would give them their pacifier it was as if Jesus himself entered the room and said PEACE BE STILL! and boom just like that the tears would stop, and the screams would cease. In this way their proved to be major benefits of keeping a Pacy close by wherever we went as a family just in case one of the kids erupted. The downside however was that the Pacifier could never keep them quiet for good, especially if my kids were hungry, they could be quieted and comforted for a moment but ultimately unless I gave them food to satisfy their hunger all the pacifier did was make them feel good for a moment.


In that mall that day I realized I was soothing myself by cheating on my diet. Inside I was crying just like a baby would because I had a tough day, and my answer was to give myself something I honestly knew wouldn't satisfy me but rather just comfort me for a moment. Again, after I finished with my Pacy I was upset again and even more so because I was mad at myself. Now this is a kind of lighthearted case but how many of us are pacifying ourselves with sexual immorality as we cheat on our spouses? how many of us soothe our pain with porn or drugs and alcohol? No need to feel embarrassed because i believe we all have at some point. Anything that we run to only to give us temporary comfort for a problem is vanity in the end. It leaves us in a maze of unfulfillment, discouragement, and disillusionment.

Seek Satsifaction In God

instead of pacifying our pain we need to seek the Lord that he might satisfy our deepest longings. The first step in victory is acknowledging the issue and humbly bring it to God whatever it might be. The scriptures state in Pslams 16:11

You reveal the path of life to me; in your presence is abundant joy; at your right hand are eternal pleasures.

the pleasure your soul thirst for is found in the Prescence of God! make it your goal to encounter him on a daily basis, whether good days or bad days lie ahead, after making it your lifestyle to live in the Prescence of God you'll find that nothing in this world can fill you like he can, give you peace like he can and give you life like he can!!

I love y'all

written by Jalen Perkins

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