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New Ft Worth artist seeks to shine a new light on the city

Jalen Perkins also known as "New Rain" is one of the bright spots in the DFW music scene. The state of Texas via the city of Houston brought to the forefront the likes of UGK, The Geto boys, screwed up click and many more but the Dallas Ft worth area hasn't had much of a reputation for producing top notch hip hop talent.........until now. New Rain is springing up out of the west side of Ft worth with a very unique sound and message contrary to what his region is used to. In Recent years the Ft Worth music scene was on fire with artist like Go yayo, Lil Cj casino and others giving us hardcore trap music, but Rain offers hope and encouragement to the game with songs like '' All i need" Silver and Gold" and " No condemnation. He often talks about his faith in his music and he usually tries to point his listeners to Jesus in hopes that they find true meaning and fulfillment which is something he says that temporary pleasure like money, fame and sex cant give. He seeks to shine a new light on Ft worth, showing the metroplex has positivity to offer as well as flat out bars and lyrical content. His slogan sums up his whole approach to music " If words can hurt, words can heal" i would highly recommend giving his music a listen through, you wont be disappointed.

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